GWD Text Editor

GWD Text Editor 3.2

Loads and edits the source code from Borland C++, Java and Euphoria files
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Edits standard text files and source code files from Borland C++, Java and Euphoria programming languages. Displays a tree menu to browse projects that have more than one file. Includes support for syntax highlighting, macro, plug-ins, user-based dictionaries, as well as localization.

GWD Text Editor is a powerful shareware text editor for Windows. Features include configurable syntax highlighting, ANSI C compatible macro language, projects (IDE for Borland C++ and Java), plug-ins, clip library, FTP client, keystroke macros, code completion and API assistance for C/C++, Java and JavaScript, ScriptWizard, PlugInWizard, autosave and crash recovery, column/block editing mode, bookmarks, numbered lines, autocorrect, spell checker for 12 languages, customizable toolbar, print preview, line drawing, sorting, text formatting, drag and drop support, a remappable keyboard (with QEDIT, MS Word and WordStard keyboard emulations), support for DOS, UNIX and Mac text file formats, the ability to edit unlimited file sizes, ability to capture MS-DOS compiler outputs and more.

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